A Life in Her Day

Unconventional and outrageously funny, this award-winning day in a life is a wonderful mix of physical comedy, clown, and serious theatre.

What happens when our heroin discovers an ‘engagement’ ring in her cereal box?  A wonderful mix of physical comedy, object theatre, puppetry, and serious theatre, the show is an hour-long one woman and a few props show where our heroine makes do with a “pretend” family of common household goods.

Directed by Avner Eisenberg



What happens when our heroin discovers an ‘engagement’ ring in her cereal box? She pursues the elusive promise of “happily ever after” in an hour that is a day that is a lifetime. A “Lucy Ricardo – Little Tramp hybrid.”
Time Out New York
Unconventional and outrageously funny, this award-winning day in a life is a wonderful mix of physical comedy, clown, and serious theatre. “A Lucy Ricardo – Little Tramp hybrid”, (TimeOut NY) this quirky physical comedienne exposes her most intimate moments while chasing the elusive promises of happily ever after. Done with pathos and humor ,“It’s beautifully funny, sad, and very human.”
Charlestown Press
“Miss Chaplain is a talented artist, an amazing teacher, and a charming personality.  Every engagement with her was a big success and real crowd pleaser.  There is no doubt that a program with Miss Chaplain will be beneficial and successful for anyone involved,”
Michelle Dastin-van Rijn, Cultural Attache, US Embassy, Tel Aviv
“Ms Chaplain’s contributions in 2011 were among the very best we have had in the Clown Encuentro in terms of their quality and value. Her show “A Life in Her Day,” sold out in both performances at the National Theatre, and was greeted with great pleasure and respect with the audience of local Colombians as well as the international audience of festival attendees. From my perspective as director of the Clown Encuentro, the show was an impeccable display of originality and virtuosity in physical comedy, a beautifully constructed and delivered piece of work that was truly international and intercultural in its appeal. It would be a fantastic addition to any festival or event.”
Barnaby King, Director, Clown Encuentro, Bogota, Colombia
“Chaplain also shows moments of great subtlety, ripe with humanity and humor – and it is in these moments when Chaplain is most powerful.”
Kate Kolendo, Electric Link Journey
“I strongly recommend that everyone go and see Hilary Chaplain’s one-woman-and-a-few-props-show, this wonderful wacky and quirky story of you, or of your cousin, your aunt, your girlfriend, your ex-wife, your mother, your neighbor… “
Saviana Stanescu  NYTheatre.com
“Mae West herself would have snorted with laughter.”
Seattle Weekly
“It reminds me of the classic comedy of Lucille Ball or the stone face of Buster Keaton.”
NYTheatre.com, Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival
“It’s beautifully funny and sad, and very human.”
Charleston City Paper


2019 – Upcoming







  • Festival Int’l Payasas, Almazen Theatre: Barcelona, Spain
  • Sala Cero: Seville, Spain
  • Ficho Festival: Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Maratón de Humor: Guayquil, Ecuador
  • Celebration Barn Theatre: So. Paris, Maine
  • PS 21: Chatham, NY
  • National Puppetry Festival: Storrs, CT
  • Stonington Oprea House: Stonington, Maine
  • Thrace Puppet Festival: Thrace Turkey
  • Izmir Puppet Festival: Izmir Turkey

2012 & earlier

  • Jewish Community Center: Bogota, Colombia
  • Recife Women’s Clown Festival: Recife, Brazil
  • GAG Humor Festival: Slovakia
  • Holon Puppet: Holon, Israel
  • TOT Puppet & Object Theatre: Barcelona, Spain
  • Ishara Int’l Puppet Festival: Delhi, India
  • Voice 4 Vision Puppet Festival: New York, NY
  • Clown Encuentro: Bogota, Colombia
  • Humor Festival Velden: Velden, Austria
  • Klovnbuf Clown festival: Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Patravadi Theatre: Bangkok & Hua Hin, Thailand
  • Fabelhaft Storytelling Festival: Lower Austria
  • Theatre Olé: Vienna, Austria
  • Comicodeon Festival: Kapfenberg, Austria
  • Clownin – Women’s Clown Festival: Vienna, Austria
  • Arlekin Solo Puppet Theatre Festvail: Lodz, Poland
  • “The Puppet is a Fuman” Festival: Warsaw, Poland
  • Sanaton – Esittävän Arts Festival: Helsinki, Finland
  • XXIth Int’l. Theatre Festival “Valise”: Lomza, Poland
  • Anjos do Picadeiro: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • High Fest: Yerevan, Armenia
  • Esse Monte de Mulher Palhaça: Rio de Janeiro
  • El Montacargas Clown Festival: Madrid, Spain
  • European Women’s Theatre Festival: Tornio, Finland
  • Festclown Brasilia: Brazil
  • Milano Clown Festival: Milan, Italy
  • Noches de Circo at Carampa: Alcorón, Apain
  • NY Int’l. Clown Festival ’06: New York, NY
  • Aquelarre 2006 (Humor Festival): Havana, Cuba
  • The Nightengale Theatre: Brighton, England
  • Clowns Int’l. Festival: Weston-Super-Mare, UK
  • Faust Int’l. Theatre Festival: Hong Kong China
  • Prague Fringe Festival
  • Melbourne Fringe Festival
  • New York International Fringe Festival
  • Creative Alliance
  • Piccolo Spoletto
  • Edgefest
  • Celebration Barn Theatre
  • 78th St. Theatre Lab
  • The Kitchen Theatre
  • L.A. Women’s Theatre Festival