Technical Rider for A Life in Her Day

Performance Area

A clean, broom swept stage that is a minimum of 20 ft. wide by 15 ft. deep (5 meters wide by 4 meters).


A general warm wash with at least six instruments

  • Upstage left spot created with 2 instruments.
  • Blue back lighting if possible. (2 instruments are sufficient)
  • Amber back lighting (2 instruments are sufficient)
  • A blackout at the beginning and end of the show are desirable.

I leave the stage and go to the audience. I must be able to be see when I am immediately in front of the first row.

I will do a full review of my needs on arrival with the lighting person. We should give sufficient time to hang and refocus lights in necessary.


CD player that will play a CD burned on a computer .


  • Small table approximately 20“ wide by 28” high. (50 by 70 cm)
  • Two straight backed chairs. One can be a folding chair. The other can not be a folding chair.
  • Stage to house steps when the stage is raised.

Day of Show Schedule

  • Arrival time: 3 ½ – 4 hours prior to performance
  • Set Up: I require an hour to set the stage on my own
  • Lighting/Sound check: 2 ½ hours before performance
  • Length of Performance: Approximately 1 hour
  • Load Out: 30 to 45 minutes

I have 3 sound cues and 5 light cues and require a board operator. One person can easily run the show.

On the set will be a vertical bed made of metal piping covered with fabric.
One standing lamp, a table, a chair, a small lightweight cupboard.

The set is easily moved and can be stored off stage and set just before the show in 10 minutes.


Dressing Room

Presenter shall provide a private, clean, well lit dressing room with good ventilation, equipped with a mirror, chair, hangers, costume rack or hook, and in close proximity to a bathroom with toilet and sink.


Presenter shall provide a light meal and water before the show. No raw onions, scallions, chives, etc.,.

Hotel Accommodations

If hotel accommodations are being provided by the presenting organization, Hilary requires one single, non-smoking room in a moderate hotel in close proximity to the theatre. Internet access is appreciated.

Contact Information